TBC Beers


American IPA
5.3% ABV • 50 IBU

An All-American IPA over board with the freshest Northwest hops available. Flavors and aromas of tropical fruit, citrus, and dank resin from start to finish.
Brewed exclusively for the Square Grouper Inlet Tiki Bar!

Draft Price$6.50 Four-pack Price N/A 32oz Growler PriceN/A 64oz Growler PriceN/A Gallon Growler PriceN/A

Der Chancellor

German Kolsch
5.3% ABV • 22 IBU

Smooth, crisp, and golden in color. Balanced with German
malt and floral German Noble hops.

Draft Price$5.75 Four-pack Price $13 32oz Growler Price$15.98/$8.99 64oz Growler Price$21.99/$14 Gallon Growler Price$30.98/$21.99

der Hintern Tuckert Schwarzbier

Dark Lager
5.1% ABV • 25 IBU

If you cant read German, just call it “the Schwarzbier” or ” the Dark Lager”… or for a laugh, ask your bartenders what they call it. This delicious German Dark Lager is perfect for celebrating Oktoberfest! Malty sweetness and hints of chocolate give this lager a rich character without making it heavy.

Draft Price$6.00 32oz Growler Price$16/$9 64oz Growler Price$21.99/$14 Gallon Growler Price$31/$22

Left On Read

6.4% ABV • 67 IBU

This delicious new Red IPA come packed with rich caramel malts, piney resin and medium bitterness. So good it’ll have you ignoring your DM’s and leaving everyone left on read.

Draft Price$6.50 32oz Growler Price$16/$9 64oz Growler Price$22/$14 Gallon Growler Price$31/$22

Limoncello Haze

Hazy IPA
6.5% ABV • 15 IBU

Hazy IPA brewed with Lemondrop and mosaic hops, lemon peel, and lemon puree!

Draft Price$6.5 32oz Growler Price$15.98/$8.99 64oz Growler Price$21/$13 Gallon Growler Price$30.98/21.99

Tech Guru

6.1% ABV • 62 IBU

This delicious new IPA is packed with Vista and Elani hops that give it a smooth bitterness with notes of tropical citrus and white peach. Curious about the name? If you’re a regular patron, its inspired by a similar exchange from which our BFT was inspired years ago. So if you’re “killing it”, give this IPA a like on instagram.

Draft Price$6.5 32oz Growler Price$16/$9 64oz Growler Price$22/$14 Gallon Growler Price$31/$22

Three-Way Wheat

Wheat Ale
5.5% ABV • 25 IBU

This new wheat ale is fruitted three-ways with passionfruit, orange, and guava. It’s sure to entice the taste buds and make sure everyone leaves satisfied. Enjoy this refreshing wheat on tap today!

Draft Price$4.75 32oz Growler Price$16/$9 64oz Growler Price$22/$14 Gallon Growler Price$31/$21


5.8% ABV • 22 IBU

Classic German Oktoberfest with malty graham cracker notes and a smooth German Noble hop finish. Purely crushable making you want to say Ein Bier Bitte!

Draft Price$6.00 Four-pack Price N/A 32oz Growler Price$16/$9 64oz Growler Price$22/$14 Gallon Growler Price$31/$22

What The Helles an Oktobercue?

Helles Lager
5.0% ABV • 25 IBU

What the hell is an Oktobercue? Our celebration of the first day of German Oktoberfest season with an American twist… BBQ! Enjoy this brand new Helles Lager! Balanced, crisp and light with floral notes and light maltiness! This easy drinker will have you saying “PROST!”

Draft Price$4.75 32oz Growler Price$13.50/$6.50 64oz Growler Price$20/$12 Gallon Growler Price$28/$19

Guest Taps

ACE Guava Cider

Guava Cider
5.0% ABV
Available in 12 oz cans

Twist Seltzer

Twisted Trunk
5.0% ABV
YEP! Your eyes are not fooling you. A refreshing, low calorie, slightly sweet CRUSHABLE hard seltzer!

Wine List

White Wine

Sean Minor Chardonnay $9
Villa Maria Sav Blanc $9
Elk Cove Pinot Gris $9
Clean Slate Reisling $9
Figuirre Rose $9
Prosecco Split $9

Red Wine

Block Nine Pinot Noir $9 
Dante Cabernet $9 
Sean Minor Cabernet $13 
Ghostrunner Blend $9